This is a dated post (hence the snow!) but I wanted to get it up as a reminder that we are starting a summer road trip series called "Wandering the Midwest". The Lux & Ivy team will be visiting cities and towns within a 300 mile radius of Indianapolis. 

Here's the trip that spawned the concept:

My husband and I visited Grand Rapids, MI back in late December, right before New Years Eve. It was a super fun trip -- we saw a Pink Floyd laser light show at the Chaffee Planetarium, visited a bunch of breweries, and found our new favorite record store.

It was an easy 4 hour drive from Indianapolis, and it was a way cooler city than I expected!

Here are some of the things we did:

 [Here I am in our hotel room, wearing the now sold out Ditsy Floral Lace dress from Lux & Ivy.]

Falling in love with a new getaway spot gave me the idea to add this aspect to our blog. Our photo team loves finding new spots to shoot around our beautiful city, and how fun would it be to take some clothes on the road and explore new territory?

See you soon, midwest oases. 


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