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Moon Ritual Kit

 About this kit:

This is an open-ended self-care ritual kit based on the lunar cycles - a mindfulness tool. Working with the phases of the moon and moon rituals is a great way to explore feelings and set intentions. For some people, it’s even a useful tool for syncing and better understanding their menstrual cycle. 

Our Moon Ritual Kit provides the tools you need to sip tea, burn a candle, soak in the bath and and journal about your reflections.

Moon rituals originated in places like Egypt and Babylonia in cultures that worshipped the moon. Today, moon rituals help you create a sacred space \ to focus inward, set intentions, spread love, and feel empowered. The sun and moon come into alignment during the new moon, joining the sun and moon's masculine and feminine energy. This time is associated with positive change. During the full moon, the mood is fully feminine and is associated with nourishment and intuition. It is also a magical time for creativity and personal insight.

Moon Ritual Kit Components:

  • Moon Study Journal ~ handcrafted by Worthwhile Paper
  • New Moon +Full Moon ritual candles ~ handmade by Full Moon Creations
  • Sage & Rose Bath Soak ~ hand blended by Lux & Ivy
  • Moon Ritual Tea Blend ~ hand blended by Lux & Ivy
  • Tea Infuser ~ handcrafted by Lapis Lily Market
  • Ritual instruction cards
  • Metallic ink gel pen


    Bath Soak: epsom salt, garden sage, rose petals, coconut oil, sunflower oil, clary sage essential oil, patchouli essential oil

    Tea: mugwort, blue vervain, tulsi, red clover, chamomile, cassia cinnamon chips

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