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Daily ADHD Notepad Planner

8.5 x 11” Daily Notepad Planner
50 Sheets bound notepad
Sturdy, high quality paper printed in Des Moines, Iowa by Imperfect Inspiration

Perfect for short-term planning, prioritizing tasks, actually getting things accomplished,
and people who usually struggle to plan.

If you struggle with time management, daily focus and prioritization of tasks, organizing your life, missing deadlines, or just not being able to get your brain to focus this is absolutely the “planner” for you. While it’s not just for ADHD folks, we have been told over and over again that our planner just “makes sense” and provides enough engagement to make it fun to use but free of expectations.

When we say planner, we really mean guided list. This is a daily tool meant to be ripped off if you screw it up or just need to move on. There is no shame in not finishing every item and it’s ALSO important that you don’t have SO much room that you put too many things on there! The key is to reduce the overwhelm, not increase it!

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