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Super Magical Rock N Roll Clothing Swaps

We have been lucky enough to partner with Vibes Music this year in providing some Clothing Swaps for the rock n roll community! We hosted the swaps at Vibes on February 13th and March 13th... and YES they were wild and witchy. We had tarot readings, palm readings, blacklight posters, local art, record shopping, refreshments, and most of all.. trading old threads for new.  We did a terrible job at capturing photos, but I wanted to share what we did capture, as well as info on our next swap during Weird Vibes 5 (the FINAL big event at Vibes - more on that later.) After we get settled in our NEW LOCATION (yep, more on that later), we will be making the swaps a monthly event. All of the leftover clothing from these first two swaps was donated to four different places: 1) A local family 2) Outreach, Inc. 3) Dress for Success and 4) The Julian Center. We will continue to make donations after every swap! 

First swap: lots of fun digs, Vibes employee Abby Hart (on the right) havin' a ball, and Tarot Readings by Scott Kellogg of the Zero Boys (bottom left).

Tryin' on some wild shizz. 

Blacklight posters by our homie Aaron Baker of SNTN Comics!

Artist Lindsay Drake showed her work at the first ever Super Magical Rock N Roll Clothing swap.

Savannah Norris reading palms at Super Magical Rock N Roll Clothing Swap II.

Cuties rulin' the roost during the second swap.

Excellent swap finds!

Local artist Jordan Rowe displaying some of his work, alongside Rachel Schwebach (work not pictured). 

All the left over clothing being loaded up for donation to 3 local shelters/nonprofits!!

How the swaps work:

• Drop off your clothing the week leading up to the swap. Make arrangements by emailing luxandivystore(at) If you need to bring your clothing the day of - no worries! However, there is a $3 processing fee for those who bring items on the day of the swap. 

• Clothing will be evaluated and you will be given a point value. Clothing style and condition will be taken into consideration. You can then "shop" with these points. 

• The swap occurs on a first-come-first-serve basis, and as people bring more items, the crazier it gets! 

Join the Facebook event for Weird Vibes 5 and get all the info you need on the next swap. :)

Hope to see you there!


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