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Skyline Motel: Photos by Rachel Schwebach

Please read my initial blog post + behind-the-scenes photos here. :)

All photos in this post are by Rachel Schwebach Photography.

"When I first talked to Rachel Schwebach about collaborating on a photoshoot, we established right away that this would be only for us.Screw anyone else's standards or molds. We are doing a shoot with REAL badass babes, clothing that we would actually wear or sell, and a setting wherein our storyline would actually take place."


"And then when I talked to Kate Shaw of Faces By Kathy Moberly about doing makeup for the shoot, she was totally on board with an open-concept and laid back project. And with a first glance at the mood board, she was instantly on the same page. Our inspiration? 90s grunge girl band on tour... think: Hole, Breeders, Bikini Kill, Veruca Salt."

"So we grabbed some of our raddest friends (Abby Hart of Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes, Rachel Weidner of The Bloody Mess &Shame Thugs, and local babe Amanda Woods. Side note: Abby and Rachel both work at SoBro punk record store Vibes Music which has housed a small collection of Lux & Ivy clothing since 2013), we rented a room at the Skyline Motel (link included for the comically terrible reviews) and we stocked up on pizza, beer, guitars, junk food, and alien necklaces."

Cos sometimes ya gotta say "to hell with it" and just do what you love.

xoxo - Sara


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Skyline Motel: Behind the Scenes

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