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Lux & Ivy FAQs

What is your return policy?  New items are available for return. Store credit only on vintage items. Refunds on new items allowed within two weeks of ship date. Please allow two weeks shipping on handmade & apothecary items. There is no return on apothecary items if they have been opened.

Can I change my order? We start working on your order as soon as we get it, so we typically unable to make any changes or modifications to an order after it has been placed and confirmed. However, you may email us at luxandivystore(at) to request changes to your order.

How do I return something? You MUST email us at luxandivystore(at) in order to initiate the return process. Please include your name, order number, item in question, and the reason for return.

Is this the same Lux & Ivy that was in the Murphy Building in Fountain Square? Yes, but we are no longer located there! We are now located inside of Vintage 54 Collective at 5335 Winthrop Ave in SoBro. Vintage 54 is a collective of different vendors, and we have a Lux & Ivy booth space inside of this shop.

When is your Vintage 54 Location open? Wed - Fri 11am - 5pm. Saturday 9am - 5pm. Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

Is everything online available in store? No. Many items are available in store, but not all. If you'd like to visit the store to try on a particular item, please  email us first at luxandivystore(at)

What is the ALTARSHINE line all about? Altarshine is designed and handsewn by L&I founder Sara and her mom Cindy. They make most of the line with recycled or sustainably-sourced fabrics.


I have sensitive skin...should I use your Lux Apothecary products? The creator of this product line and founder of Lux & Ivy, Sara, also has sensitive skin! She makes everything with that in mind. We have a list of which products are fragrance-free, vegan, etc. so we can look anything up and let you know. Keep in mind that, when we do use fragrance oils, we use only organic, high quality oils and we do not use a lot of fragrance. Often times our scents come from Essential Oils and herbs. 

What brand of essential oils are your apothecary products made with? We use Native American Nutritionals, which is now a part of Rocky Mountain Oils. We chose this company because they had the highest quality oils based on their GCMS reports, as well as a complete openness about the sourcing of their products. Unlike other Essential Oil companies, they are not an MLM.

Typically how long will the beauty products last? Each product is different, and how long they last depends on the user and their needs. We have found that our mens apothecary products, especially the mustache wax, hand salve and shave soap, tend to go a LONG way. Our body butter also lasts a very long time because of its density. The great thing about products that are made with high-quality ingredients is that they tend to go a long way, because you need much less product for each individual use!

Burn Time for Candles? The 4oz candles will typically burn for 28-36 hours.

How are these made? Lux & Ivy’s creator, Sara Baldwin, hand-selects all ingredients from a combination of places - from anywhere like local suppliers such as Good Earth, and some online suppliers of bulk organic ingredients. Many of the dried herbs come from her own herb garden, or local farmer’s markets. Any honey used is always sourced locally, and any coffee beans used come from local roaster Hubbard & Cravens. The products are all made in small batches by Sara and the Lux & Ivy team. The candles are made with essential oils. organic fragrance oils, and a Kosher-certified wax that is  made of pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils that are dermatologically tested.

How are these different from typical store-bought bath/beauty products? These are different from typical products in a plethora of ways! Namely, because the sourcing of ingredients is carefully thought about and planned. Over half of our ingredients are locally-sourced, and also organic. These products are ALL made here in Indianapolis by the Lux & Ivy team (even the labels are locally designed and printed), and each batch only makes between 2-10 individual products. Therefore, scents and texture tend to vary SLIGHTLY from batch to batch. 

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