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Halloween 2015: Becoming Margot & Richie Tenenbaum

Halloween gives us the opportunity to honor our favorite celebrities, artists, actors, filmmakers, writers -- anyone who has created a persona worth replicating. It's an invite to directly duplicate the iconic fashion that we most admire.

Film, in general, has inspired some truly lovely fashion (see here), as well as countless Halloween costumes. Wes Anderson has been galvanizing the film industry since 1998's Rushmore. We aren't the first people to dress as Anderson characters, and we certainly won't be the last. 

Known for his slow-paced story arcs and limited visual color palette, Anderson's style truly sticks out in the modern film industry. Each and every one of his characters and backdrops are so unique in their aesthetic and delivery, one cannot help but be inspired by these artful representations.

grand budapest hotel

     The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

After seeing Jordan Rowe's Royal Tenenbaum Pieces at our August First Friday event, the Lux & Ivy photography team was extra inspired to create our own Tenenbaums-fueled artwork.

jordan rowe tenenbaum's triptych

       Jordan Rowe's Royal Tenenbaums Triptych

Armed with helpful friends, an epic fur coat, a Wilco Sweatband, and some nerdy excitement, we set out to construct a photoshoot in which we would become Margot & Richie Tenenbaum. 


We started by watching The Royal Tenenbaums and pulling our favorite stills of Margot and Richie.


Time to lock down the looks. Lucky for us, we have access to some pretty killer threads. On top of items we pulled from Lux & Ivy shop, we also had to get on our hands on some crucial props like cigarettes (from the gas station, or whatever), aviator sunglasses (thrifted), and a Richie Tenenbaum sweatband - like this one that our model purchased from a Wilco concert.


A. Vintage 1950s Mink Coat : $450

B. Navy Blue Preppy Collared Dress : $40

C. Color Block Dual-Toned Bag : $48

D. Rangoni Italian Leather Loafers : $26

E. Vintage Striped Polo : $14

F. Vintage Leather Bag : $24

G. Pink Mesh Gloves : $15


Choosing a location for this shoot was hardly an issue. Since our shop is located in Historic Fountain Square, the backdrop around us was already perfect. All we needed was a little rooftop access and some golden hour lighting.

Thanks to our lovely photographer, Dana Kalachnik, we ended up with a stellar series of images. It was such a fun shoot and we are thrilled with the results... see below! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. :)



Photos by Dana Kalachnik 

Style, Art Direction & Words by Sara Baldwin

Models: Jon Riley & Sara Baldwin

Hair: Elizabeth Brooks of Luxe218

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